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It’s time to get ready for the Spring!

It may not seem like Spring is just around the corner with all this bad weather we are having. However, it is and it's approaching fast! Gardeners all over the country are beginning to pick up their tools and get stuck into preparing their gardens ready for Spring. If you are making this the year to really improve your garden then a greenhouse is the perfect investment for you. Once installed greenhouses are the simple and easiest way to grow healthy, strong plants and vegetation. At King Acre Swansea in Pontarddulais we are stockists of the very popular Alton greenhouses. Who are Alton greenhouses? Alton greenhouses have been famous amongst gardeners since 1921. They are well known for their amazing quality Canadian red Cedar which gives Alton greenhouses a long life and stable frame. The Alton design team have been using their experience and knowledge to create the best possible Cedar greenhouses for the 21st century. We are very proud to be a supplier of such a fantastic product. Our Top Pick... The Alton Evolution The Alton Evolution has a distinct smell of Western red Cedar the minute you walk inside the greenhouse. It is a pleasant aroma which has the added benefit of pests dislike the smell. This is one of the main reasons Cedar is famous for greenhouse making. All Alton Evolution models are packed with practical features. These features improve the life span of the greenhouse. Some of the features include, roof panes that overlap the timber slightly and the metal base keeps the timber off the damp ground. This is eliminating two of the old trouble spots where water would eventually rot the Cedar. Also included are automatic roof vents that release warm air out of the top of the greenhouse whilst the cooler, fresh air is sucked through the louvre side vents to produce perfect ventilation. Currently we have the Alton 6’ x 6’ Evolution complete package on display in our show yard within Pontarddulais Garden Centre. This will give you a feel of the quality and style of Alton’s Greenhouses. Features Western red CedarExtremely strong frameToughened glassSliding doorFree 10 Year Guarantee1 x roof vent (automatic opening)1 x Louvre ventDown-pipes both sidesLow level thresholdScrew in cedar bar capping systemInstallation available for a fee We have a catalogue on site for you to have a look through and we will be able to answer any queries you may have regarding the Alton greenhouses. If you are not living in the Swansea, South Glamorgan area, don’t worry you can still order your Alton greenhouses from us. Just give us a call and our staff will be more than happy to answer any enquiries you have. Contact Details Email: Telephone: 01792 885959

Be Prepared for the Freezing Weather Conditions with Rock Salt!

Brrr... It's getting cold outside! We can help prepare you for the freezing weather conditions. What is Rock Salt? Rock Salt also known as Road Salt is a mineral called Halite which is formed from sodium chloride. Rock Salt is the industrial name which is more relatable to the general public. Rock Salt is usually colourless or white. However, the colours can change depending on the amount and type of impurities contained within it changing it to a brownish colour. The primary difference between Rock Salt and ordinary table salt is the size and colour. Rock Salt forms in very large, chunky crystals, unlike small crystals seen in table salt. Similar to table salt, Rock Salt also has an assortment of minerals which can have an impact on how it behaves chemically. The large crystal size of Rock Salt means it is not usually used in cooking as it takes too long to dissolve.  Why do we use it? When cold weather arrives, stores stock up on big bags of Rock Salt and you may see lorries spray it on the roads or it being shovelled on the pavements. This is to melt the ice for vehicles and pedestrians to be safe when out and about in the wintry conditions. How does it work? The salt breaks down into the liquid part of ice, the added particles make it more difficult for the water to freeze into ice, lowering the freezing point of the water. For Rock Salt to work, there needs to be a tiny bit of liquid water. Rock Salt is not effective in extremely cold weather when water would freeze too easily. Helpful Tips Do not use Rock salt on garden patios, walling or any delicate, showpieces in your garden. The salt will stain the concrete. Rock salt should only be used on roads and pathways for safety reasons. Speak to our friendly staff who will be more than happy to help you with any sales and enquiries you may have. 

Christmas Opening Times!

Some of our sites shutdown over the Christmas period so make sure you check when we are closed! We would like to thank you all for your support throughout 2018 and we can't wait to work with you all again in 2019!  We are shut over the Christmas period so please see below for our opening times:   King Acre Codicote Closed from 5pm Saturday 22nd December and reopen at 8am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.    King Acre Swansea Closed from 4.30pm Sunday 23rd December and reopen at 9am Wednesday 2nd January 2019   Phipps Stone Centre Closed from 2pm Friday 21st December and reopen at 7.30am Wednesday 2nd January 2019   King Acre Spalding Saturday 22nd December-Closed Sunday 23rd December-Closed Christmas Eve-Closed Christmas Day-Closed Boxing Day-Closed Thursday 27th December-OPEN 9am-6pm Friday 28th December-OPEN 9am-6pm Saturday 29th December-Closed Sunday 30th December-Closed Monday 31st December-Closed Tuesday 1st January-Closed Wednesday 2nd January-OPEN as usual from 9am   We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We Raised £1250 for the Movember Foundation!

We would like to thank everyone who supported our employees across all our businesses by helping us raise money for the Movember Foundation.  Where Does The Money Go? We are very proud to announce all the money everyone donated has come to a grand total of £1250! This money can help fund new research, clinics, organise events and prevent men from dying too young. If you would like to see where your money goes in more detail if you have donated then please Click Here  Not only did we have fun on the way, we helped raise awareness for Mens Health issues. Across the world, men die too young. On average men can die up to six years before women for reasons which are largely preventable. We can all take action to live healthier, happier and longer lives. Take a look at our best some of the moustaches our male employees grew. 


We are Moving!    King Acre Codicote is moving from it's current Wyevale site into Vanstone Park Garden Centre.  Directions from Wyevale old address… Just over 1 mile away… (Sat Nav: SG4 8TH) As you drive out of the current Wyevale site turn right onto the B656 (London Road) heading towards Hitchin. Travel down the road for approximately 1 mile and you will find our new site is Vanstone Park Graden Centre on the left.  New Address: King Acre Landscaping Centre Codicote, Within Vanstone Park Garden Centre, Hitchin Road, Codicote, Hitchin, SG4 8TH

We need your support! We are raising awareness for Movember Europe!

We need your support!  Our male employees are taking part in Movember. Growing their facial hair to raise awareness for men's health issues. We will be raising money for Movember Europe who in particular support prostate and testicular cancer as well as men's mental health and suicide prevention.  You can find more information on Movember here We are looking for donations to help prevent men from dying too young!  If you would like to donate to this fantastic charity you can do so by clicking this link below.  or alternatively we have charity buckets provided in each of our stores if you are planning a visit.  Thank you all for your support!  The King Acre Team  


Phipps at King Acre Landscaping Centre is moving from it's current address: 203 Two Mile Hill Rd, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 1AZ.    Directions from Phipps old address... Less than 2 miles away... (Sat Nav: BS5 8AU) Travel down Two Mile Hill Road along the A420 to St Georges Park. Turn left onto Blackswarth Rd at the junction with Chalks Rd. Continue past Beaufort Rd junction, following Blackswarth Rd leading into Crews Hole Rd. Turning left at the brow of the hill. Here you will find our new home, first gate on the right, within Satellite Business Park.  New Address: Unit 13, Satellite Business Park, Blackswarth Road, St George, Bristol, BS5 8AU        

Codicote Branch Opening Delayed

Apologies to any customers wanting to visit King Acre Codicote this morning (Saturday 28th July 2018). Due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to open this branch until 11am. Please call Bowland Stone on 0117 9557530 if you have any queries. Kind regards, The Team at King Acre

Concrete Slabs in Codicote

Benefits of Concrete Slabs Explained by King Acre Landscaping Centre There are numerous benefits involved when deciding to use concrete slabs in your garden. These benefits come from the aesthetic appeal of concrete slabs, as well as the various advantages offered by concrete as a material. This article will go into detail about the advantages and uses of concrete slabs in landscaping as well as discuss the various advantages offered by concrete. If you are interested in finding out more about our landscaping products or if you are looking for concrete slabs in Codicote then do not hesitate to contact King Acre Landscaping centre today or call:  0143 882 1887 The Benefits of Concrete as a Material Concrete is a very durable and tough material and these are hugely beneficial traits within landscaping products. This makes it ideal for paving slabs due to the fact that it can survive a lot of punishment whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing. This ensures that your concrete slabs are protected and will not be damaged as much by environmental damage that other materials may suffer from. Acid rain for example has devastated many limestone structures yet it does not affect non alkaline materials like concrete. Concrete also serves to resist general environmental damage such as fluctuations in temperature that causes a lot of other stone or stone like materials to crack or shatter. This demonstrates the various durabilities of concrete and this means that you can rely on concrete as a material being used within paving slabs. Uses of Concrete Paving Slabs Concrete paving slabs can be used in many paving designs due to the their practical advantages as aforementioned. Usually materials that offer this kind of protection do not look as good as weaker materials aesthetically but concrete has a rustic, aesthetic appeal to it from a design perspective. This is vital in ensuring that you can use concrete paving slabs in many landscaping designs. Many concrete slabs can also be altered to appear similar to other materials, providing the aesthetic advantage whilst also offering the great strength that concrete provides. This results in a landscaping product that you can truly rely on, whilst also being able to easily maintain it. The other advantage of concrete paving slabs are that they are significantly cheaper than other types of paving slabs. This means that you can create intricate designs on a budget whilst also receiving all of the practical advantages offered by slate and other landscaping products. Concrete slabs can also be used in driveways, due to the fact that the material is tyre friendly. Other materials that driveways can be created out of can be detrimental to certain types of tyres therefore concrete slabs can be used within driveways to ensure that your tyres remain in good condition. Purchase Concrete Slabs in Codicote Today Concrete slabs have a wide range of uses and applications across landscaping designs and home improvement. The durability of the product, as well as its low cost and great aesthetic make it an extremely sensible investment indeed. The environmental resistance that concrete has as a material only furthers this durability, as materials are usually only strong but will not be able to resist environmental damage. If you are interested in finding out more about the advantages of using concrete slabs in your landscaping designs or if you are looking for a suppliers of concrete slabs in Codicote then do not hesitate to visit King Acre Landscaping Centre today or call: 0143 882 1887.

Patio Slabs in Bristol

Benefits of Patio Slabs Explained by King Acre Landscaping Centre Patios are perhaps one of them most well known products within the landscaping industry, often defining or setting out the entire theme of a landscaping project. This is why it is so important to use patio slabs and paving slabs that you trust. This trust manifests in high quality and durable products with longevity and survivability. The elements can be harsh against many landscaping materials and this is why it is essential to build your project using these high quality materials. Here at King Acre Landscaping Centre, we pride ourselves on the quality of our patio slabs and paving slabs. This high quality will ensure that you create a patio that is durable as well as wonderful. This article will discuss the benefits of high quality patio slabs as well as discuss the uses that these can  serve within your landscaping project. If you are interested in finding out more about patio slabs or if you are looking for Patio slabs in Bristol then do not hesitate to visit King Acre Landscaping Centre today or give us a call on: 0117 967 9056. Material of Patio Slabs & Their Importance So it’s time for you to create your patio. This means that there are so many aspects to consider when deciding on your design and which material or product that you are going to use. Every material offers a range of individual benefits and caters to a different kind of design aesthetic and we will discuss these now. The first material is indian sandstone, a widely sought after material in landscaping due to its distinctive colour. This material offers strength as well as the classic limestone colour. Slate is darker in complexion and also offers high quality strength. This material offers a range of temperature advantages due to the fact that it retains heat as well as cooling in colder weather. This reduces the damage that can be potentially caused by differentiation in temperature due to the fact that this material can cope better in differing weather conditions. Concrete is another material that is implemented widely across landscaping due to the fact that it is a much cheaper alternative to other materials. Concrete is also extremely strong and is the most resistant to temperature fluctuation due to the fact that it is created in a specific bonding process. It is also manufactured rather than being a natural product. Uses of Patio Slabs in Landscaping Design Patio slabs are of course implemented within patios and this can create a clear and concise clarity to your design. Considering the material that you require is important and if you are spoiled for choice with no limitations in terms of environment then it comes down to personal preference. There are certain materials as aforementioned that are better for certain environments and uses therefore these are recommended if your garden experiences these kind of environments. If there is a lot of rain and then periods of sunshine for example then slate is a particularly good material for use in this specific scenario. Patios also are perfect to be create an outdoor living area in your garden, creating a party hosting area or an area for children to play on. Pets also enjoy lounging on patios, as every cat owner knows too well; many cats enjoy sleeping on a heated patio areas. This creates a lovely natural atmosphere in the garden in which many can enjoy. Purchase Patio Slabs in Bristol Today Now that you understand the materials that patio slabs are made out of and the uses of these certain patio slabs, it is time to purchase your preferred patio slabs. There are many aspects to consider and we are more than happy to help you with this decision! If you are interested in finding out more about what patio slabs are available or if you are looking for retailers of patio slabs in Bristol then do not hesitate to contact King Acre today or call: 0117 967 9056.

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