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Decorative Aggregates Supplier Codicote

Decorative Aggregates in Codicote  Our wide range of decorative aggregates will greatly enhance any garden design. Pebbles are a wonderful addition to gardens that have water features due to the fact that they are very friendly to creatures that may be lurking within the depths of the pond. Not only will fish benefit, frogs and toads also enjoy smooth pebbles to sit on when they are within the pond area. Our pebbles are extremely smooth and polished and will only aid the wildlife that reside in your garden area. Our range of chippings such as our cotswold chippings have a delicate aesthetic which looks amazing across a vast area of the garden. Removing grass and replacing it with aggregate also aids in the gardening process as it makes weeding much easier. Our crushed glass is a beautiful shade of blue and these kind of aggregates will enhance your garden design by adding a beautiful range of colours to certain areas and focal points. Our boulders can also be used to generate natural and powerful focal points to your garden area. These large scale aggregates compliment many natural garden designs and can also be utilised to great affect within the garden aesthetic. Decorative aggregates have a wide range of applications across many different landscaping projects. They can be used in large scale and small scale projects and this is arguably their biggest advantage. They are also often pond friendly and are used as a natural accomplice to any water feature or water area within your garden. This is why here at King Acre Landscaping Centre in Codicote, we offer a wide range of decorative aggregates and boulders with an even wider range of aesthetic variation. We strongly believe that there is a vast number of aggregates in our stock list that will appeal to any garden design. If you are interested in finding out more about our decorative aggregate stock list or if you are interested in finding out more about how aggregates can enhance your garden design then do not hesitate to visit us today or call: 01438 821887. Sand, Ballast & Cement Supplies Decorative aggregates are the centre of attention when it comes to aesthetic aggregates however this does not mean we should forget about essential aggregates. Our large variety of sand are essential aggregates in themselves due to the fact that they can strengthen certain areas of a garden design. Silver sand is also an example of sand that can be used for aesthetic purposes and this again can be used to enhance the aesthetics of your garden design. Our pit sand and play pit sand is also extremely useful in restocking sand pits and cooking areas. Sand is useful in cooking scenarios as it makes it much easier to clean the debris that is generated from cooking. Fat can be swept up and removed easily from barbecues for example. Our range of mortars and cement can also help the aspiring landscaper to carry out their designs themselves or can be utilised by professional landscapers and that is why we stock these products for our clients. Decorative Aggregate Suppliers and Stockists Decorative aggregates and other essential aggregates are very important in the landscaping world and form the core of decoration in the latter stages of garden design. The beauty of aggregates is that they can be used within a landscaping project but can also be added to a garden design after the project has been completed. If you are interested in finding out more about how aggregates can enhance your garden area or if you are interested in purchasing decorative aggregates in Codicote then do not hesitate to visit our King AcreLandscaping Centre today! Or call: 01438 821 887

Garden Fence Panels in Bristol

Fence Panels & Fencing Panels for your Garden in Bristol Fencing panels are an extremely useful tool in creating a unique and interesting enclosed area for your garden space. This is a great way to ensure that you have the perfect garden design that is ideal for home. Fencing panels add interesting designs whilst also offering many practicalities such as increased security within your garden and obstructing unwanted views into your garden area. That is why here at our King Acre Landscaping Centre in Bristol we offer a vast array of fencing panels and fencing posts to ensure that you have the best security possible for your garden in combination with an extremely stylish and rustic design. If you are interested in our fence panels and fence post range then do not hesitate to come on down and visit us today or call: 01179 679 056 Why Choose Fencing for your Garden? Fencing is an extremely innovative way to ensure that you can create natural enclosed areas within your garden. The main aspect that is brought to the table when utilising fencing is the fact that you can generate and emulate intricate designs for your garden. The traditional and rustic aesthetic that fence paneling can have when utilised within your garden looks very professional yet intricate, resulting in contributing to an amazing garden design. This is why fencing panels are so interesting and why we are very excited to share the advantages of our range with you. Added Security of Fence Panels Fence panels stop unwanted guests entering your garden therefore they offer a security aspect within their functionality. Not only will they deter intruders but they will also deter animals that will not be able to climb under or over the fence panelling. This is especially important for gardens with livestock within them as foxes will be deterred for trying to enter your garden and attack these animals. Not only do fence panels prevent intrusion, they also prevent the elements from damaging certain areas of your garden. Having panels defending your garden from the power of the wind is a great way to prevent strong winds damaging vegetation or garden features and to also create zones within your garden area that you can relax in even when the elements are rough and wild. Controlling Views into your Home Not only do fence panels stop intruders entering your garden easily, they also prevent people from seeing too much into your garden or home. This is a further security benefit due to the fact that it will deter intruders from possibly considering trying to enter your home. This deterrence only increases security within your garden. This is also where designs such as trellis fence panels can be utilised as these kind of designs restrict people peering inside of your house but also allow natural light to come into your garden. This is a good alternative if you fear that light will be blocked by paneling, as these styles of design allow the sun to get into your garden but also prevent people from seeing if you are home or not. Our concrete and wooden posts can also create a stronger wall of fencing that will only enhance security further. Choose your Fence Panels Today! Fence panels are a sensible investment largely due to the fact that they offer a plethora of advantages in terms of garden design but also combine the practicality of increasing home safety. That is why at King Acre Landscaping Centre in Bristol, we offer a vast array of fencing panels at competitive prices. If you are interested in seeing our range of fence panels then do not hesitate to come down and visit us today or call: 01179 679 056

Hard Landscaping Suppliers & Paving in Codicote

King Acre Landscaping Centre was established to create hard landscaping centres across redundant outdoor areas as well as well-established garden centres to create the King Acre franchise. Under the full backing and support of Bowland Stone, we are very excited to tell you that we offer a plethora of hard landscaping and paving supplies in Codicote, including a variety of Bowland Stone products. Are you an aspiring landscaper or a professional? Whatever your background in hard landscaping, King Acre Landscaping Centre in Codicote has a landscaping product for everyone! If you are interested in finding out about our landscaping centre then do come and visit us today or call: 0143 882 1887 Paving Slabs and Driveway Blocks in Codicote Driveway blocks can give an appealing and attractive aesthetic to your drive way, making it appear uniform and tidy. Our rumbled block paving for example provides that rustic look which combines quality paving with a fantastic design. There are a variety of different colours that you can select for this paving such as Autumn, Brindle, Fossil Buff, Graphite and Rustic and this demonstrates the fantastic customisation that we have to offer here at King Acre Landscaping Centre in Codicote. Our paving slabs are smooth and well finished which creates a smooth surface for all who walk upon it. Paving slabs are a wonderful addition to any garden area and we pride ourselves on the huge variety of paving slabs that weprovide. From the quirky deckpave design to classic natural sandstone, we have a variety of paving slabs for you to choose from! Hard landscaping, Patio Packs Patio packs are wonderfully appealing to any garden design however they are also appealing and user friendly to landscapers who aretaking the D.I.Y approach, due to the fact that a large section of your potential patio design can be one slab. Our Lakeland Star is arguably the most well known pack that we stock and along with this stunning design we also provide patio packs such as Piccolo Oval, Rectory Circle and Lakeland Sun. Hard landscaping can often be a difficult and intricate process but anybody who wants to be creative and attempt their own landscaping projects should be helped as much as possible! These patio packs can also be utilised by professional landscaping specialists to create wonderful patio designs with a clear and concise focal point. Edging, Copings, Stepping Stones & Walling To accompany your garden design why not consider some of our other landscaping products? Walling can establish clear designated areas within your garden as well as fortify borders within your garden. Copings can be added to these walls to protect them from the elements and also add to the aesthetic of the wall system. Edging is a great way to create areas such as shrubberies and other green areas to let you grow plants and vegetation in style. Stepping stones are rather self explanatory but these additions to your garden design can establish walking areas within your garden and help you find areas at night such as a clear path to your garden when you cannot see. All of these additional products can greatly enhance your garden design as well as bringing clarity and poignancy to your green areas. Visit King Acre Landscaping Centre in Codicote Today! We also provide a variety of decorative aggregates and loose aggregates and there is an article for you to peruse here if you want to find out aboutour aggregate range. We are very excited to show you our variety of hard landscaping products, offering customisation and creativity to your garden design. If you are interested in finding out more about our products or wish to see some of the products we offer personally then do come and visit us today! Or call:  0143 882 1887  

Introducing King Acre | Landscaping Supplier Bristol

Ever since the first King Acre Landscaping Centre was established in 1999, the ethos has very much remained the same; to create a hard landscaping franchise across the country by attracting new customers through the addition of high quality landscaping supplies supported by a clear point of sale material, product specific marketing campaigns and most essentially dedicated, knowledgeable staff. This clearly is the case today and this is demonstrated by the vast amount of products offered by King Acre Landscaping Centres. This article will inform you about the range of products that we offer here at King Acre and to ensure that all of your hard landscaping requirements are met. If you are interested in finding out more about hard landscaping or any of the products that we offer then do not hesitate to come visit us today or call: 01179 679 056 Landscaping and Driveway Suppliers in Bristol King Acre Landscaping Centres boast a vast range of incredibly intricate and high quality landscaping and driveway supplies including paving slabs, patio packs, stepping stones, walling and edging copings. All of these supplies are wonderful due to the fact that they can really enhance and improve any garden design. Edging copings for example a a great feature to implement with flower arrangements due to the fact that they bring clarity to these arrangements and also mark them out in the garden area, ensuring that they will not be damaged accidentally. Stepping stones also serve to bring clarity to your garden design but they also offer practical advantages such as allowing you to walk around your garden safely and barefoot. Our paving slabs are also incredibly easy to install especially when installing our patio packs. Due to the fact that these are pre created and are not individual slabs, these products are advantageous due to the fact that they are much easier to install. This appeals to the more prospective landscaper and therefore can help you create the garden design that you want by yourself! The possibilities are endless with our rich range of landscaping and driveway supplies. Decorative Aggregates & Rockery Features Aggregates are an incredibly useful due to the fact that they have a wide range of uses in any amount. A vast amount of decorative aggregate can be used to decorate a large expanse of open area in your garden. The implementation of decorative aggregates in this regard has many advantages on its own, grass can be removed and replaced with aggregate which is much easier to weed if weeds begin to grow underneath the covered area. Rockery stones are very pond friendly and will attract a vast amount of interesting creatures to your pond area. They are also extremely fish friendly due to the fact that sharper stones may injure your pets. Our rocks are smooth and polished eliminating this risk. If you have aggregates left over they can also be used in a wide range of applications such as decorating plant pots or being scattered in other areas of the garden to bolster the aesthetic of that particular area. This product has such a wide range of applications and is an incredibly useful tool in any landscaping project, big or small. Other Essential Landscaping Products There are other essential landscaping products that we also offer here at the King Acre Landscaping Centre in Bristol. Our cleaning products are very useful in ensuring that your paving stones stay clean and tidy. Our jointing compounds, sealers and additives can also ensure that you can carry out landscaping projects without being a professional. These products are easy to apply and defend your patio or paving blocks from damage caused by temperature variation which can cause cracking to stone work. Our timber and fencing products are also diverse and appealing. We offer a range of timber products such as decking boards, fence panels (which you can read more about here,) met posts and wooden / concrete posts. This products will allow you to finalise your garden design by creating designated areas within your garden space, adding clarity and professionalism to your garden. If you are interested in finding out about our ethos, product range or if you are looking for landscaping tips then do not hesitate to come on down to the King Acre Landscaping Centre in Bristol today or call: 01179 679 056

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